Write the vision

Write the vision

Every year I make the same New Year’s resolutions: save more money and get more fit.  Every year I fail.  While these are admirable goals and I’ll surely subconsciously make them again this year; my perspective has changed and so has my mindset.  As I reflect on everything that has transpired over the course of the last 365 days, I go into this New Year with a renewed spirit and restored purpose.  

Let’s quickly talk about where I was at the end of 2014:

  • I was jobless because I had quit my job in preparation to move to Texas with my ex-fiance.’ (before I found out he was cheating and called off our engagement)
  • I was living in a house that reminded me of pain, was full of broken promises, empty words, and lonely feelings.  
  • I was dealing with feelings of inadequacy, a broken heart, and failure because I couldn’t make my relationship work
  • I damaged relationships with family and friends by protecting a toxic engagement
  • I had no direction, passion, or vision about where I wanted my life to go, or who I wanted to be…

Now let’s talk about how good God is.  Fast forward one year to 12/31/2015:

  • I’ve relocated to a new city that I adore
  • I have a new job that I love and have been promoted and given opportunities within this position that most people my age only dream of
  • I’m working on projects that fuel my passion, give me purpose, and remind me of the calling that God has on my life
  • I am 100% in love with the person God has called me to be and I have a new found appreciation for the people He’s chosen to travel this journey with me 

I say all that to say that I serve a God that restores hopeless situations, mends broken pieces, and will absolutely blow your mind with the plans He has for you!

After reflecting on where I’ve been and where I am, I’m making the following resolution to myself, to God, and to my loved ones.  My desire is to always be positioned to receive God’s blessings and to live inside of His will.  I’m writing this vision down, because it’s much more serious to me than having more money in my piggy bank or being summertime fine…

These things are non-negotiables in 2016 and beyond…

  1. I’ll never forget who I am in Christ, or question my power and necessity again.  I know that doubting myself is the same as doubting the God within me, and who am I to put limits on God?
  2. I’ll always choose joy.  Now that I know that joy is a choice, I’ll never waste time on bitterness, resentment, or anger again.  I refuse to relinquish the control of my happiness to things/people of this world.
  3. I won’t hold on to toxic people.  When people show me who they are, I’m going to believe them.  I will no longer do damage to myself by holding on longer than necessary.
  4. I’ll never dim my light to make someone else feel comfortable.  If my accomplishments offend you then you have a spirit of jealousy that I don’t need around me anyways.
  5. I’ll never give someone the power to take me out of my character again.  (I’m still working on this)I recently faced a personal situation that I responded to in a less-than-Godly manner, and although I feel the words were true, my delivery was inappropriate and for that I am sincerely apologetic.  Going forward, I won’t allow anyone to have that type of power over me again.
  6. I won’t take the people that love me for granted.  In a time when friendship is based on Facebook likes and Instagram tags, I am truly grateful for the people who continuously prove their loyalty and love.  
  7. I will be fearless! I will unapologetically chase my dreams; EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I will not be intimidated or discouraged in the pursuit of my happiness and I WILL conquer my goals!
  8. Most importantly: I will devote more time to God.  I will no longer allow people or things to monopolize the time that belongs to God.  I will no longer treat Him as an option.  He will be my priority.

So there they are: my resolutions.  Actually, they’re more than that; they’re learned lessons turned into life goals.  Now don’t get me wrong, if I save a few extra dollars and shed a few extra pounds, I won’t be mad, but my priorities have shifted towards living a fuller, more satisfied and purposeful life.  


Bonita Davis
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