If I can be honest, when Troy first announced his intentions to write a book and he released the title “Teach Me How to Love” I thought to myself, “surely he’s bitten off much more than he can chew.” Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a disparaging thought about his abilities; I’ve been a follower of his blog www.XKlusivethoughts.com for a while, am privileged to call him friend, and trust that he’s able to give sound advice as it pertains to relationship issues, but the concept of “teaching people how to love” just seemed like a colossal task that was much too large for one man to tackle (other than the Apostle Paul of course). My next thought was, “well this book is going to have to be bible-length in order to convey all of his beliefs.” I, in no way, imagined that such a complicated topic as love could be discussed in an articulate and concise manner and actually be effective. Well, my friends, I was wrong (and you can ask my family and friends, it’s not often that I admit to being wrong).

Teach Me How to Love was a refreshing and no-holds-barred guide to common issues in today’s relationships. It was a reality check for women and men about the dangers of getting caught in unhealthy relationship cycles, combatting relationship myths, and being bold enough to recognize/admit when you’re the problem in your own relationship struggles.

With chapter titles such as “Don’t Believe the Hype” where he discusses common misconceptions about what should be expected from love, and “It’s Not Them—It’s You” where he forces you to do some self-evaluation about the relationship choices you’ve made, it’s obvious that he’s serious about helping people out of unhealthy relationship cycles.
This less than 100 page book is packed with USEFUL advice and ends with some reflection exercises that really help transform your mindset!

Troy, I apologize for my initial skepticism, you truly have accomplished quite a task. Keep up the good work! This book was definitely  She Is Bonita APPROVED!!!!

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  1. Troy Spry

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book review on my book! You are such a talented writer and I know you will be continue to be successful! Thanks for reading and writing! #TeachMeHow2Love


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