Because she never says she’s tired, despite the heaviness in her eyes
And you’ll never know she’s hurting, because it’s hidden by her smile
Because she never makes excuses, and asks for very little help
Because even when she’s empty, she’s always giving of herself
Because people have tried to break her, with their hateful words and lies
But she always leaves them wondering how she always seems to rise
Because the source of inspiration is from the fruit of her lips
And she births many nations from the power of her hips
Because she fights her own battles and countless attacks
And the only thing that’s stronger than her faith is her back
Because she is always carrying someone else’s heavy load
And shoulders all the burdens of everyone she knows
Because she never plays the victim, despite all that she’s been through
Because you’d never know she’s been beaten, raped, or abused
Because people have witnessed how her love has been misused
But they see her getting stronger and it leaves them all confused
Because it’s hard to be a single mom trying to raise a man
Or teach your little girl to be a queen, when you’re feeling lesser than
Because she never talks about all the things that she has lost
And she never stops giving love despite what it may cost
Because her prayers are strong enough to break the heaviest of chains
And because her softest touch can cure the worst of pain
Because love is her greatest weakness, but yet her greatest gift
And through love she finds a way to draw upon more strength
Because life has tried one hundred times to take all she has to give
But she always finds one hundred more reasons left to live

She is woman.

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